About Us


Dolphin Computers Limited is considered as a leading enterprise in the new digital era. For more than two decades, Dolphin Computers Ltd. has been delivering quality products to its customers. The business philosophy of the company and enduring commitment towards bringing the best quality products ensuring the services have placed the company in a very respectable and leading position in the ICT industry. During the past years, the visionary approach of Dolphin has helped it become a major proponent in consumer technology, bringing innovation in design into consumers’ lives and our vision is to bring new and improved products. Since its beginning in 1986, the company has established a successful story of tremendous growth as well as a wide expansion in business areas. An in-depth restructuring plan began more than 12 years ago and has contributed significantly to Dolphin's success. In the year 2008, the company has merged with Daffodil Computers Ltd. Dolphin is now one of the largest retail superstores of the country.

Dolphin Computer’s Ltd. believes in innovation and therefore started the first digital IT online shopping portal www.dolphin.com.bd in Bangladesh. Where you can find all brand products and order products online by credit, visa, master card first time in Bangladesh.