Rapoo H150 USB Wired Stereo Headphone


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Rapoo H150 USB Wired Stereo Headphone


Model: H150
Connection Type: Wired, Interface Port: USB
Voice Unit: 40mm, Impedance: 1kHz/16Ω
360° Free Adjustment Unidirectional Mic
Frequency Response Range: 20-20kHz

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1,250.00 ৳

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    Brand   Rapoo

    Basic Information

    ModelRapoo H150
    Frequency Response (Hz - kHz)20Hz - 20kHz (Headset), 100Hz - 16kHz (Microphone)
    Sensitivity108dB (Headphone), 37 + - 3dB (Microphone)
    Impedance (ohm)1kHz
    Plug TypeUSB
    Cable Length6 Ft
    Weight (Kg)0.165 kg
    Warranty1 year


    Rapoo H150 USB Wired Headphone

    Rapoo H150 comes with USB wire. This Rapoo H150 has Standard USB Audio Interface, that is Widely applicable to USB3.0/2.0 interface devices, plug and play, This headphone featured with Voice Unit: 40mm, Headphone Sensitivity: 108dB, Impedance: 1kHz/16Ω, Frequency Response Range: 20-20kHz. In this Headphone, the misrophone featured with Microphone Sensitivity: -37±3dB and Microphone Impedance: 2.2kHz. This Headphone Featured with 360° Free Adjustment Unidirectional microphone with noise reduction function can intelligently identify the human voice, and suppress environmental noise that makes voice communication more clearly and smoothly. It is also designe with Full Earmuff & Adjustable Headband: The earmuff is designed with full ear-covering to reduce the pressure on the ears; the adjustable headband can be worn comfortably on different head shapes. This headphone comes with 165g Lightweight Design, which optimizing the structure and reducing unnecessary components as much as possible while retaining the core components, You will feel comfortable to wear for a long time. The latest Rapoo H150 has 01 year warranty.


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