MaxGreen MG-LI-REM-2050VA Offline UPS

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  • Brand: MaxGreen
  • MPN: MG-LI-REM-2050VA-4X9AH
  • Model: MaxGreen 2050VA
  • Capacity: 2050va
  • Input voltage- 162-268 Vac
  • Output Voltage- 220 Vac (+-) 10%
  • LED Display

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MaxGreen MG-LI-REM-2050VA Offline UPS Best Price in Bangladesh

The MaxGreen MG-LI-REM-2050VA Offline UPS comes with 4 x 9AH battery, Input voltage range- 162-268 Vac, cold start capability, intelligent battery management, backup time up to 15 to 30 minutes depending on loads, recharge time less than 12 hours, no requirement for additional multi-plug, rear output sockets – 3 x Universal, Capacity 2050VA. It has RS232 & USB Port Cable & UPS Monitoring Software (Optional). It features EN 62040-1-1: 2003. High/Low Voltage, Overload & Short Circuit Protection, IP20. It has a sound level of <40db @ 1 meter. It has a 1-Year Warranty.
This Offline UPS is AN device with a capability of 1200 VA that gives emergency power backup with the assistance of batteries once the input power supply fails. This uninterruptible power supply unit has 220/230V voltage, that is enough to begin a standby power source or stop working necessary instrumentality for saving from the damage. This device contains a pair of batteries that provides surge protection and power backup whereas incoming voltage falls. This internal voltaic battery ensures the facility that goes below or rises higher than a particular level through the internal DC-AC inverter.

What is the price of a MaxGreen MG-LI-REM-2050VA Offline UPS in Bangladesh?

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More Information
Model MaxGreen 2050VA
Capacity 2050va
Input Voltage 220/230V
Output Voltage 220v
Noise Ratio <40db @ 1 meter
Battery 12V 9Ah x 4nos
Frequency (Battery Mode) 50Hz ± 1Hz (Bat Mode)
Backup Time 15-30 Depend on load
Transfer Time 2 to 6 ms
Stabilizer No
Dimensions (W x D x H) 135*370*165.
Brand MaxGreen
Country of Manufacture China
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