EKWB EK-Furious Meltemi 120 mm Casing Cooler

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  • Model: EK-Furious Meltemi 120
  • High static pressure 120mm PC fan
  • Max Air Flow: 121 CFM = 205 m³/h
  • Maximum speed: 1200-3500 RPM (+/- 10%)
  • Noise Level: 60.9dBA

EKWB EK-Furious Meltemi 120 mm Casing Cooler Price in Bangladesh

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The EK-Furious Meltemi 120 is the most extreme EK fan up to date. This 38mm thick extreme high-static pressure radiator cooling fan is designed purely for highest-performance computer liquid cooling systems. Developed in-house on the basis of the renowned EK-Vardar fans, they have a wide PWM range of operation and the highest speed of up to 3500 RPM. Due to a 38mm thick frame, there is space for an upgraded motor and far superior performance compared to any standard 25mm thick fan at the same RPM range.
The best possible performance of the EK-Furious Meltemi 120 fan is achieved in pull mode. Such a regime evens out the airflow through the entire surface of the radiator since the motor hub dead zone effect is lessened. The fan is equipped with a red sleeved cable just to warn off those curious little fingers from getting hurt. Seriously, 3500 RPM is no joke, and you should be extra careful around these fans if they are in operation.
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