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Buy Clone PC Price in Bangladesh 

Find Clone PC Best Price in Bangladesh. Dolphin Sells 100% Genuine Clone PC and Notebook with warranty and EMI Support. We ensure the best price and after sales service for our customer who purchase Clone PC from Dolphin.

Clone Desktop PC are allowed to users to buy a personal computer much cheaper than that offered by IBM and make the PC more affordable for general people. Nowadays a pc clone is a windows computer which isn’t made by one vendor like HP, Dell, Lenovo etc. In march 1983, the first pc clone was released by compaq.The compaq portable which is the clone pc.

A brand pc is a pre-built pc with limited upgrade options. On the other hand Customized pc is that pc which you can build on cheap by your own choice . Where you won’t face any limitations and get your products at a lower price. 

For building a clone pc you must have the knowledge of essential requirements parts that needed a pc and clear idea of the market price of components. Dolphin builders provide you a clear idea of clone pc and side by side quotation with price.  It reduces your time and helps you to build your desktop in a short time. We sell 100% genuine products and give our client EMI support. Buy online and get a free home delivery service or pick up your products from our branch. 


Best Price List of Clone pc

Price List of Customized PC


MediaPC-1 Intel® Core™ i7 10th Generation Desktop PC 000
ValuePC-1 intel® Pentium® Dual Core™ 8th Generation Desktop PC 000
ClassicPC-3 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Desktop PC 000
ClassicPC-2 Core i3 9th gen Desktop PC 000


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