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Adata is known primarily for flash memory products such as RAM and SSDs, but it does also have a fairly large portfolio of external hard drives. This is a massively commoditized market and is dominated by WD and Seagate which have the advantage of manufacturing their own drives. Adata competes by offering competitive prices, but also by innovating with its designs in ways that the bigger brands don’t. We’ve seen some pretty funky shapes and colors in the past – some are just whimsical, but others are designed to be rugged and reliable.

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The latest of these is the Adata HD700, which promises water and dust resistance as well as protection from shock damage in case of falls or physical impact. It isn’t as small or thin as most common drives but also doesn’t have a garish industrial or military design. Let’s see how well it performs in testing, and if it’s worth choosing over the usual WD and Seagate options.

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ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. Fabless Taiwanese memory and storage manufacturer, founded in May 2001 by Simon Chen. Its main product line consists of DRAM modules, USB Flash drives, hard disk drives, solid-state drives, memory cards, and mobile accessories. ADATA is also expanding into new areas, including robotics and electric powertrain systems. In addition to its main ADATA brand, the company also sells PC gaming hardware and accessories under its XPG ("Xtreme Performance Gear") brand.

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In 2017 ADATA was the second-largest DRAM module manufacturer in the world and had a market capitalization of US$680 million. In recent years ADATA has extended its business to Europe and the Americas while competing strongly with Samsung in Asia.