Ram Cooler

Ram Cooler
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RAM Cooler price in BD


Ram cooler is not mandatory for RAM or memory if you don’t overclock it. When you want to overcome overclock issues you can use RAM Coolers to cool down the memory. Sometimes RAM generates heat when the transistors switch state and add voltage to ram to increase the speed, it will generate some heat which will need to be dissipated. There are many ways to remove heat like heatsink, water cooling or air cooling but the best way is to use high quality ram coole. This cooling is necessary to reduce heat.

Dolphin offers you a high quality ram cooler at the best price in BD. A good quality ram cooler is important to overcome heat and overclock issues. We sell 100% genuine products with EMI support and brands warranty. Order us online and get free home delivery service or  you can pick up from our showroom. Our showrooms are located in Dhanmondi, IDB, Banani, CTG. 


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