Canon Platen Cover Type-Y2

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  • Product Type: Platen Cover
  • Brand: Canon Model Platen-Y2
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Body Color: White
  • Compatibility For IR-C3120 Series

Canon Platen Cover Type-Y2

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Canon Platen Cover Type-Y2 combined document cover and document storage assembly for a copying machine which copies both flat sheet documents and thick book documents. The document cover is hinged to the copyier along the sting remote from the operator in order that the operator lifts the duvet in an upward and rearward arcuate movement. the duvet features a document holding pocket along the upper rear edge thereof for receiving the sides of a stack of documents placed on the duvet to carry the documents in situ when the duvet is lifted, the pocket having a slanted wall up order to cause the documents to overlap one another by alittle amount to facilitate grasping the uppermost document. the duvet cooperates with the highest wall of the housing of the copying machine so as to allow stacking of the documents after they need been copied during a manner which allows checking each successive copy with the first to make certain that the document is copied and to facilitate restacking of the documents so as like the order of the copies as these are stacked in exiting from the copying machine.
The Canon Platen Cover Type-Y2  Series comprises of three models, iRC3120. Canon Platen Cover Type-Y2 for IRC3120 support secure printing and Printer query language (PCL), and aim to enhance convenience through the Send Lite function. The entry model is strong with basic functions, while the quality models support Wi-Fi and mobile printing by the utilization of CANON PRINT Business, Mopria, Google Cloud Print and more. These models boast improved durability and reliability in harsh environments, like under conditions of high air temperature and humidity.

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Model Platen-Y2
Brand Canon
Country of Manufacture China
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