Havit SK590/SK590BT 2:1 Multi-Function Black Speaker

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  • Brand: HAVIT.
  • Model: HAVIT SK590.
  • Type – Multi-Function Speaker
  • Channel – 2:1
  • RMS/Channel (Watt) – 3Watt x 2
  • RMS/Subwoofer (Watt) – 10Watt
  • USB Port – Yes

Havit SK590 2:1 Multi-Function Black Speaker Best Price In Bangladesh

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Havit 2:1 Multi Function AC Power SPEAKER, Type – Multi-Function Bluetooth Speaker, Channel – 2:1, RMS/Channel (Watt) – 3Watt x 2, RMS/Subwoofer (Watt) – 10Watt, Signal to Noise Ratio (dB) – 45dB, Frequency (Hz – KHz) – 45Hz-18KHz, Memory Card Slot – Yes, USB Port – Yes, Others – Color: Black, Power type: AC 220V, Dimensions (WxHxD) – Satellites: 99 x 90 x 149mm, Subwoofer: 239 x 199 x 180mm.

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More Information
Brand Havit
Signal / Noise Ratio 45dB
Frequency Response 45Hz-18KHz
Dimensions (W x D x H) Satellites: 99 x 90 x 149mm, Subwoofer: 239 x 199 x 180mm
Warranty 12 Month
Country of Manufacture China
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