HDD-SSD Enclosure

HDD-SSD Enclosure
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Find your desired HDD and SSD Price From Dolphin. We offers you different brands and low to the high price of HDD & SSD enclosure. Order online and get home delivery. We provides best quality at low price. We have a strong delivery service inside Bangladesh.

HDD and SSD Price In Bangladesh

A disk enclosure is a casing, which is specially designed for hold and power disk drives while providing a mechanism to allow them to communicate to one or more separate computers. Most manufacturers don’t add or sell external HDD and SSD price Drives, But you can easily own your SSD along with an external hard drive enclosure. The enclosure mainly covers your disk and protects from damage. There are so many different brands Seagate, Toshiba but orico, ugreen are popular brands. Generally the capacity of HDD and SSD is 2TB but the price of the enclosure depends on its compatibility, Transmission Speed and structure. HDD is an mechanical device which is used to increase storage in a computer. It’s an electro-magnetic data storage device which stores and recover digital data using magnetic storage. HDD Retained Stored data even when your device is powered off. By using HDD you will able to store more photos, Images, Videos, Files and documents and you will able to recover your data. you will get 1TB-10TB Capacity of HDD. SSD store its data by using only electrical circuits. SSD store data only on semiconductor cell. You will able to recover your stored data bu using SSD. HDD and SSD Price depends on its Capacity and capability.

Dolphin offers you different brands and low to high HDD and SSD price of enclosure for your drive. We sell 100% original products with brand warranty and IMI support. Order us online and get free home delivery service or you can pick up from our showroom. Our showroom is located in Dhanmondi, IDB, Banani and CTG. 


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